Press Release - Oct.29, 2013 - Premium Near Beer Ltd.

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Premium Near Beer Ltd.

Press Release - Oct.29, 2013

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Canada is finally poised to tap into the non-alcoholic beer boom


October 29, 2013 (Toronto, ON) — What do a Saudi Sheik, a top-flight athlete, and an expectant mother have in common? They’re all helping to fuel the world’s growing appetite for non-alcoholic beer. According to The Economist, sales of non-alcoholic beers have jumped by 80 percent in the last five years to 2.2. billion litres worldwide.


But until now Canadians have been cheated out of enjoying this growing trend. That’s why Toronto entrepreneur, Ted Fleming, has launched Canada’s first, and only, online “near beer” store:


“In 2005 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease,” says Ted, “and as a beer lover, it took me awhile to finally accept that I needed to eliminate alcohol from my diet. I started drinking the non-alcoholic beer available in grocery stores, bars and restaurants but they all tasted the same—I was really frustrated by the lack of options.”


So Ted picked up the phone and started talking to distributors of the world’s top-rated booze-free brews.


The site boasts 14 (and counting) beer brands, and brings two of the world’s top-rated non-alcoholic beer brands — Clausthaler Premium and Brew Dog’s Nanny State — to the Toronto area for the first time. Clausthaler’s Premium Lager, made by an exclusively non-alcoholic German brewery took home the gold medal in the non-alcoholic beer category at the World Beer Awards for four out of the last five years.


To help guide newbies, the store offers a mixed pack of all its beers on offer, so customers can taste through the beers and pick their favourites. Crystal Luxmore, a Certified Cicerone (the equivalent of a beer sommelier), provides tasting notes and offers food pairings for the entire collection.

Currently shipping is available in the GTA area only, however plans are in place to expand shipping to beer drinkers across the country in 2014.


”I think non-alcoholic beer drinkers should be able to drink great tasting beer like anyone else — and let’s be honest, the beer we carry blows away any mass market light beer in terms of flavour,” says Fleming.




Press Contact: Ted Fleming, P: 416-268-2807, Email:,, @PremiumNearBeer,


Beer is available by the case. Currently shipping is available in Toronto and surrounding areas. Plans are in place to expand shipping across Canada in 2014.


Beer carried by

  • Bavaria
  • Brew Dog Nanny State (coming soon)
  • Clausthaler Golden Amber
  • Clausthaler Premium
  • Gerstel
  • Holsten
  • Krombacher Pilsner
  • Krombacher Radler
  • Krombacher Wheat
  • Sagres Lager
  • Sagres Dark
  • Super Bock Pilsner
  • Super Bock Dark
  • Weihenstephan Lager
  • Weihenstephan Wheat


Brew Dog Nanny State will be available soon and Clausthaler is now in stock and for sale in significant quantities for the first time in Ontario and most other parts of Canada.



  • The non-alcoholic beer market in Canada increased by over 100 percent for the fourth consecutive year () compared to the traditional beer market that has shown no growth and lost market share. Macleans
  • Worldwide, 2.2 billion litres of non-alcoholic beer was consumed in 2012, jumping by 80 percent in five years (Economist). 
  • Non-alcoholic beer appeals to a diverse set of consumers including: elite athletes (and the not-so-elite) as a sports recovery drink, pregnant women worried about fetal alcohol syndrome, people with illnesses exacerbated by alcohol, people on medication concerned about drug interaction, people who want to reduce their weekly alcohol consumption for health reasons, people who need to be productive after they drink, people who know it’s cool, and responsible drivers. 
  • MADD Canada estimates that over 1,000 impairment-related fatalities and over 63,000 injuries occurred in 2010.