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​6 Reasons to Ditch your Sports Drink for a Non-Alcoholic Beer

Posted by Ted Fleming on

Inspired by the ongoing Rio Olympics we have decided to show you the best reasons to recover from your athletic endeavours with a non-alcoholic beer instead of a "sports drink".

The nutrition facts in this article are based on a standard 510 mL bottle of Weihenstephaner Non-Alcoholic Lager and a standard 591 mL bottle of a popular “sports drink.” I chose Weihenstephaner for three reasons, the first is because I am enjoying one right now, the second is because it has a unique flavor that can only be found in a premium non-alcoholic beer, and finally, it has a serving size similar to a standard "sports drink".


Whether or not it matters where a calorie comes from is still up for debate, but I’m sure we can all agree that 80 calories beats 150 when hydration and electrolyte replacement are the key components to sports recovery. A serving of Weihenstephaner has just 53% of the calories found in a bottle of "sports drink". More hydration, less empty calories.


Near beer has a sports drinks beat in the carb category too, 14.5g for Weihenstephaner compared to 38g per bottle of "sports drink".


Weihenstephaner boasts a delicious sugar free drink, considerably less than the 35g of artificial sugars found in "sports drinks".

Natural Ingredients

Water, barley, and hops! No need for artificial colours or flavours - it's all natural baby!

Sports Recovery

Up until this point you have probably been thinking, “beer couldn’t possibly be a quality drink to recover from a sporting event.” I’m telling you now that it is! In fact, drinking nonalcoholic beer has been shown to help marathoners recover after a race!




Finally, nothing beats the taste of a cold beer especially after an epic race, a pick up hockey game, a couple hours of yard work or even just for watching how hard the Rio 2016 athletes are working?! At Premium Near Beer we think you deserve a cold one that you can drink any time and any place. So enjoy the Olympics and treat yourself to an ice cold near beer while you do!

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